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Behind the Scenes Secrets


A lot of people today are into reality TV. From Britney, Kardashans, Osbournes and Hilton are just few of the celebrities that went out to the public to share their lives. Their lives may not seem to be different from us. These kinds of shows make celebrities humans. It is somewhat a mirror to our lives as we see that they also have dramas and their lives are not too perfect as we would usually think. This is the same thing that happens to beauty queens. We only see what the production want to see but in reality behind the scenes, there are chaotic moments that are happening. Some of which are cat fights, sudden loss of items, sabotage, wardrobe malfunction fix, breakdowns and the list goes on. These are secrets that is now publicly showed. Bottom line here is that, we are never different from these gorgeous people because we are all humans.

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Recommended Beauty Tips



There are a lot of ways to stay young and beautiful without having to undergo cosmetic enhancement. Women are enticed about looking young as ageing becomes faster due to a busy lifestyle. One way of maintaining a beautiful face is by drinking plenty of water. It is recommended that 8-12 glasses of water be taken every day. This will help to replenish water in the body that is secreted through sweating. It will also help the body to stay hydrated and keep the skin from wrinkling. Eating the right kinds of food will also maintain a youthful glow. Fruits and vegetables are advised as these contain various anti-oxidants. Sleep is also vital as this will help to restore energy. It will also soothe tired muscles and keep the body reactivated after a day of working hard. Regular exercise is also recommended for proper blood circulation. It is also a great way to keep the body in shape.

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The Beauty Benefits of Massage

medium_226318202Massage has been long known to be one of the best ways to relax tired muscles and descend into a deep, restful sleep. The rich, famous and beautiful have long taken to this soothing form of therapy as one of their prized forms of retreat. There are some things more rewarding that being spread out on a bed, soothing oils massaged into your skin, lighted candles, and calming aromas wafting in the air – but this can also be pretty awesome.

Massage is also a great way to encourage circulation in the body. Massage can stimulate bloodflow to other parts of the body where it might not normally reach as much. This ensures more nutrients and revitalization comes to these body parts. Enhanced circulation can also keep skin supple, wrinkle-free, and in the literal pink of health. The oils used to massage you with can also be an aid to keeping your skin healthy, as the right kind of massage companion can serve as a great moisturizer.

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Choosing the Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type: the Basics

Welcome to an exciting new blog series that’s just hot off the presses and in time for the sizzling medium_2273209664summer heat! Summer is fast approaching, and a good number of your readers out there want to get their skivvies and suntan lotion on. Time for some surf, sun, and sand! However, do you know the best kind of swimsuit for your body type?

Here are some basics to keep in mind when choosing a swimsuit:

– With prints, always remember: the bigger the prints, the bigger you look! If your body frame is on the lean, slightly boyish side, large prints can add interest to the right areas. If you are on the voluptuous side, small, dainty prints add color and balance to your look.

– Should you go with a one-piece suit, or a two piece, suit? I will always be of the mindset that “if you’ve got it, flaunt it!” Two-piece suits can be a lot of fun and freedom on the sandy beaches. One-pieces suits can also be quite interesting, as they conceal certain parts and expose others. Tis can definitely work to your advantage, no matter what body type you have.

– No matter how gorgeous a swimsuit can be, and excellent posture makes it 20% cooler! Always keep a great posture wherever you go on the beach to show off that wonderful line and that beautiful body.

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Beautiful Posture

One particularly overlooked aspect of beauty is posture. It’s how you stand, you sit, walk and run in a medium_5614344552vertical position. When we were school children, our teachers would often correct us and remind us to stand straight, but come to think of it, we never really understood what “posture” was until we were a bit older, right?

Correct posture is more than just “chest out, butt out, knees together, legs straight”. More importantly, it’s how you carry yourself in every kind of situation. In addition, having great posture can also steer you away from spine or bone problems in the future.

Tim Gunn suggests imagining there’s a string coming out from the top of your head, and then imagine it getting pulled up into the sky. Allow your limbs to relax, and just follow the natural direction of the imaginary string. When you’ve gotten to that healthy balance of tautness and relaxation, that’s when you’ve finally achieved great posture. Exercise is also another great way of correcting your posture, as the different movements will need correct alignment to be executed properly.

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Best Time to Exercise?


Exercise is always an essential part of a beauty queen’s regimen, no matter what type of exercise it might be – Running, Yoga, Zumba, Cross-fit, or even Pole-dancing. It promotes excellent blood circulation, and keeps one’s skin healthy and clear. Exercise is also great for correcting one’s posture – especially helpful when beauty queens need to walk their walks. It can also be a great character builder – it can feel like utter and complete punishment getting through that regimen, making the person more driven, focused, and maybe a bit more humble. When the regimen is over, the person realizes that she survived said killer routine, and this makes her feel more confident, and better about herself.

However, just when is the best time to exercise? It all really depends on the person, and what her preferences are. Exercising in the morning can be a good way to boost one’s energy and concentration throughout the day. Exercising just before bedtime also has its benefits, in that it can help calm a person, and use up her energy to give way to much more restful and recharging sleep. Some people prefer exercising right in the middle of the day, as it combines both benefits from morning and evening exercise.

If you are wondering when is the best exercise time for you, do try all three options, and see what works best for you.

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Beauty Secrets Right in Your Pantry!

Getting skin and hair fit for a beauty queen need not be expensive. Just take a look in your kitchen and pantry; you might have everything you need right there!

Olive oil has long been hailed as the best skin and hair moisturized. Italian beauty Sophia Loren swears by this wonder oil, and says she owes her glowing, youthful complexion to this. She adds olive oil to her bath, and sometimes massages a few drops of it into her skin. If you don’t have a bath-tub, you can always massage into your skin after a shower for your skin to benefit from its moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties best.

On the other end of the skin spectrum, oily skin is best remedied by lemon. Lemon juice cut with a little water is probably Nature’s best toner. Its alpha-hydroxy acids work as a gentle exfoliant on the skin. Dry skin can even benefit from this!

Got tubs of mayonnaise in your fridge, and no idea what to do with them? Turn them into a hair mask! Here’s a handy guide to creating a mayo hair mask to make your hair shine with health.

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Hairbrush and hair care


You may think take simple hair paraphernalia for granted but the correct combs and brushes (and how they are used) are two keys to beautiful hair.

Investing in a good comb and a brush is a good start. Plastic combs and brushes may be a little less expensive but they create static electricity and not exactly good for the hair. Better to use those that have bristles made from natural animal hairs. They are softer and more flexible and therefore less harsh to hair. Choose combs and brushes with bristles and teeth that are widely-spaced and smooth-tipped. Combs with sharp teeth cause split ends thereby damaging hair and scratching scalp.

Human hair is quite sensitive so try not combing or brushing immediately after washing. Combing or brushing wet hair causes breakage. Dry hair first with a soft towel.

Comb hair first before brushing to remove tangles. Start at the ends where the worst tangles are and work your way up. Remember to comb or brush in a downward stroke.

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Food For Healthy Skin


Beauty queens are known for their lovely skin. They always seem be glowing and radiant. The good news is, anyone can achieve that healthy look and it’s easy. Before you load your face with some moisturizer and sunscreen (which is also essential) what you need to know is you can actually help yourself by eating the right food.

For protection from the sun, you can eat tomatoes. In a study it was proven that a person who consumes lycopene are less likely to be sunburned than the ones who do not have daily lycopene intake.

Strawberries and medium sized bell pepper (has at least 200 percent value of vitamin C) Vitamin C rich food can help reduce the risk of having wrinkle and dry skin.

Egg yolks help protect your skin from UV damage. They contain carotenoid lutein which also happens to protect your eye sight.

Tea is very helpful when it comes to protecting you from skin cancer.

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Steam your face

There is an easy way to rejuvenate and cleanse your skin without going to an expensive facial clinic or a spa, and that is giving your face a good steaming. Not only does it deep clean your pores by loosening dirt and other debris embedded into the skin, but it also softens and rejuvenates the skin. This easy at-home facial can be done once a week.

First boil a pan of clean water with a handful of dry or fresh-from-the-garden herbs such as thyme, peppermint, and lemon (for oily skin), lime and chamomile (for dry skin), rosemary and lavender (for normal skin), or a combination of any other