Hairbrush and hair care

| November 10, 2012


You may think take simple hair paraphernalia for granted but the correct combs and brushes (and how they are used) are two keys to beautiful hair.

Investing in a good comb and a brush is a good start. Plastic combs and brushes may be a little less expensive but they create static electricity and not exactly good for the hair. Better to use those that have bristles made from natural animal hairs. They are softer and more flexible and therefore less harsh to hair. Choose combs and brushes with bristles and teeth that are widely-spaced and smooth-tipped. Combs with sharp teeth cause split ends thereby damaging hair and scratching scalp.

Human hair is quite sensitive so try not combing or brushing immediately after washing. Combing or brushing wet hair causes breakage. Dry hair first with a soft towel.

Comb hair first before brushing to remove tangles. Start at the ends where the worst tangles are and work your way up. Remember to comb or brush in a downward stroke.

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