Best Time to Exercise?

| September 30, 2014


Exercise is always an essential part of a beauty queen’s regimen, no matter what type of exercise it might be – Running, Yoga, Zumba, Cross-fit, or even Pole-dancing. It promotes excellent blood circulation, and keeps one’s skin healthy and clear. Exercise is also great for correcting one’s posture – especially helpful when beauty queens need to walk their walks. It can also be a great character builder – it can feel like utter and complete punishment getting through that regimen, making the person more driven, focused, and maybe a bit more humble. When the regimen is over, the person realizes that she survived said killer routine, and this makes her feel more confident, and better about herself.

However, just when is the best time to exercise? It all really depends on the person, and what her preferences are. Exercising in the morning can be a good way to boost one’s energy and concentration throughout the day. Exercising just before bedtime also has its benefits, in that it can help calm a person, and use up her energy to give way to much more restful and recharging sleep. Some people prefer exercising right in the middle of the day, as it combines both benefits from morning and evening exercise.

If you are wondering when is the best exercise time for you, do try all three options, and see what works best for you.

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